“The best Scottish pop band since Orange Juice” – Melody Maker

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For those of you unfamiliar with The Orchids’ work, their music is bright pop music, crystal clear, but in no way could it be described as featherweight pop. 
The enigmatic five piece band formed in Glasgow, and have released some of the finest pop songs of their generation since humble beginnings in the suburbs, where the three founder members grew up and started the band in 1986. Their first six singles and three albums were met with widespread critical acclaim, much of this from outside  the UK.

Ahead of their time in the early 90’s, it is only now that many have realised how fascinating and mature those earlier releases were.

“This group are a magical box of delights; always were and always will be.”



 12 June 2022

The band's first album since

2014, Dreaming Kind, will be

released on CD and digital on

2 September on the Skep Wax

label. Vinyl release will follow on 14 October.

Pre-orders can be made on Bandcamp now.

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NNEexNext gigs:

Friday 5th August 2022

GUU Debates Chamber, Glasgow. UK

Part of the Glas-Goes Pop event

Tickets from

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10 June 2022


Today's the Day!

The first single from the new album is

This Boy Is A Mess, and is available to

download today on the Skep Wax label.

Available from: